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Simplified from start to finish
About TMR Global

Risk Innovators

We are not a traditional risk company.  We re-imagine risk management for a digital age; we are relentless in our pursuit of simplifying risk management.

What we do

TMR Global are an innovatinve team that produce cloud-based Audit, Compliance and Enterprise Risk applications that digitally integrate three lines of defense and equips you to take control of your information with unparalleled simplicity.

Keep it simple

We see through the haze to provide your organisation with clarity.  We use processes based on Lean Six Sigma and Human Centered Design to amazing solutions that challenge the foundations of Enterprise Risk Management.

How we do it

Our approach to delivering value begins with our people solving problems and implementing lasting change in Enterprise Risk Management. We believe that a strong culture begins and ends with simplifying risk and making it the responsibility of all staff. 

What we do

TMR Global simplifies Risk Management Frameworks and Enterprise Management Frameworks from start to finish.

We deliver lasting change in enterprise risk management through innovative applications. From the management of policy and procedure documents to the introduction of automated key control testing and completing improvement projects where red flags are identified.

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Global COVID-19 effort backed by TMR Global

TMR Global is proudly supporting the COVID-19 response by supplying access to the COVID-19 audit tool to Healthcare organisations for FREE during the global pandemic. 

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